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Opening Days for Summer Fishing

Muskie – 3rd Saturday in June, must be minimum of 54 inches long.

Bass – 4th Saturday in June, with no size limit.

Northern Pike and Walleye both open on May 1st. With the exception of the river, this opens May 15th.

There is no size limit on pike, but you may only keep one over 34 inches per license. Walleye may not be kept between 16.1 – 22 inches, this slot size restriction has been established to protect and increase the numbers. Depending on license, two under 16 inches can be kept; but no matter the license you can only keep one over 22 inches.

Perch fishing is from the middle of September to October.

Bluegills have made a strong come back in recent years both in numbers and size; they are usually found in shallow weedy waters.

Steel Head Trout are spring and fall.

King Salmon are in the fall- they usually come up the river to reach the falls.

Most islands and bays to fish in are reachable by smaller boats. Bigger boats can reach the more open deeper waters. There is also great fishing off the docks.

Based on our years of observations from owning Bay Villa Lodge and staying here as guests, the best time to catch fish is in the early summer and September. Although the biggest influences on the fishing season can be the weather, a cooler summer also helps fishing in the months of July and August. But there is never bad time to fish.